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JUNE 2014: intermodale24-rail TURNS INTO


July 2014: intermodale24-rail TURNS INTO


Thanks to the growth of technical contents offered by, the network of links accessible through the pages, and to the well established settlement in the rail and intermodal brach, the web-site has now reached and exceeded the goals that we set in 2009 at the beginning of our experience (see further in this page).


The feedbacks I got from users of the site in recent months also show that it is increasingly perceived as an access to information and contacts related to intermodal transport and the railway world.


I think the time has come, therefore, to redefine the mission of the initiative, bringing it to a higher level of structure best suited to its different areas of interest.


The goals of intermodale24-rail will be defined on three lines, corresponding to three levels of interpretation offered by the portal content to different types of users:.


- As initiative to share knowledge of rail freight techniques, thus continuing the original idea to contribute to development of a positive public opinion regarding the commitment of resources in the construction of railway infrastructures dedicated to freight traffic.


- As the construction of the reference portal for road-rail intermodal aiming at provide professional and non-professional users the basic information helping the first approach to the operation in intermodal transport system and to knowledge of different actors involved


- As a professional service in terms of consultancy, studies and research, planning, technical assessment, addressed to: :

. logistics and transport operators,

. Public Institutions,

. Branch Associations,

. Investors,

. Interest groups,

which intend to work with intermodality, as a first experience or to seek innovative solutions or new traffic, or to evaluate projects or set strategies and business plans.



While remaining centered, with regard to the information on the routes and traffic, on Freight Corridor Rotterdam-Genoa , intermodale24-rail will propose then henceforth as a reference portal for road-rail intermodal, servicing operators, institutional bodies, associations and enthusiasts. The new attitude of the site will be highlighted by the change of its key phrase

from "treni e merci sul Corridoio 24 Genova-Rotterdam"

to "il portale per l'intermodalità strada-rotaia"





This site of communication originates from a private research project on intermodal transport along the North-south railway axis connecting the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea across the Swiss Alps, the so-called “European corridor TEN-T 24 Genoa - Rotterdam/Antwerp”.


The amount of freights carried by rail along this route has steadily increased at two-figure rates in the past years, taking over significant shares of road-transport market. This has been possible thanks to the policy of the Swiss Government which, in order to preserve the Alpine ecosystem, has imposed a tax over heavy traffic on motorways, thus quantifying its external costs in terms of infrastructure usage and environmental damages; in addition revenues have been assigned to developing the less polluting railway net, particularly the new Alp crossing basis-tunnels.

This action has had a strong effect on the choice of the carrier to move long-distance traffic to the railway, not only in Switzerland, but along the entire route.

The separation of infrastructure management and transport in the freight sector, and the subsequent private carriers’ free access to the railway net has further helped to reach better results in terms of productivity, cost-saving and competitiveness of trains, with respect to other means of transports. It is remarkable that on the Lötschberg Base Tunnel route, opened to traffic at the beginning of December 2007, on December 24 2008 the maximum capacity had already been reached, with 108 trains within the 24 hours.

The completion of the rail infrastructure on corridor 24, necessary for a full integration of the economic and the industrial systems of the connected areas, expected by 2020, still needs much work, especially in Italy, where the importance of railways is yet to be fully understood compared to other countries, where the system is already in use.


Therefore, we decided to share our curiosity and search results, and to create a service platform for those who are interested in the growth of the railway freight traffic along this route for business, environmental concerns, or because they are simply train fans.


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Popularizing knowledge

The knowledge of the processes of formation of demand and offer for freight transport in the railway sector, the conditions of access of different operators, interconnection between carriers in intermodal traffic, the energy balance of rail transport compared to road, actions or resistance at the level of national and European transport policy, is the basic premise for the development of a widespread opinion positive to the commitment of resources in the construction of railway infrastructure dedicated to the traffic of goods.

Materials will be offered with specific information and links to sites and web pages that provide institutional and economic data on these topics.


Developing intermodal transports

We believe that intermodal traffic using rail for long-distance links between the main economic areas of Europe will become the preferred solution for transport and more convenient, with block train traffic, while road transport is expected to cover the short-medium stretches to and from end users.

We will try to give space to the projects and proposals of operators who aim at the integration of different modalities or who want to engage in this, to provide information to help choices in favour of intermodal traffic, to create opportunities for net-based lonks between offer and demand.



The free and ready communication between the parties is the best way to ensure economic growth and productivity in all sectors, particularly in services such as transport and logistics.

The speces in the site will be open to those who wish to propose research reports for specific needs, or technical, or about trend and regularity of the transport in certain areas or situations, or any other topic related to intermodal transport. The publication will be subject to verification of material from the site manager.

We want to share information and pictures with others who have interests in this field along the corridor 24.


Promotion of economic operators

The level of performance in intermodal transport will continue to improve if companies operating in the sector will have capacity to produce income and jobs and maintain programs of adequate investment to the development of the application, acquiring new shares of traffic and new customers.

For this reason, we intend to finance the activities of this service platform with the offer to operators of communication spaces for a fee, relating to their brand and their business, skills, organizational structures and resources, areas, and relations served.

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