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11.08.2016 - Operativo il terminal raccordato SoDiSa di Villafranca d'Asti
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19.12.2014 - Lezione su Intermodalità e trasporto merci al Corso di Formazione CIFI Università di Genova


Vision is a news&utilities web platform created in June 2009 implementing results of a private research lasted since decades, with the aim of promoting the culture of the rail freight transports mainly through road-rail intermodality.


The strong bias in favor of rail in transport policy of the European Commission, the acceleration in opening the market of rail transport to new independent operators, together with the phase of changes going on through global economic order especially in Europe, offer important opportunities in these years to rethink usual conceptions of the logistic chain and to transfer shares of freight transport from trucks to train, but in terms of an integration and convergence towards common goals of efficiency, reliability and economy


However, the specific way of operating the rail systems, which on the other hand allows it to be an extremely safe carrier, requires to trasporters to get acquainted with some new procedures compared to usual road operations. It is necessary then to play creativity and flexibility to find innovative and efficient solutions in logistics and transports based on railway, and to promote the creation of conditions that make them economically competitive and attractive for hauliers.


As a result, therefore, has evolved and is now acknowledged as a reference web-portal for traders who want to approach to road-rail intermodal transport.


In addition, since 2011 a complementary professional offer in consulting, studies and research, planning, technical assessments was started : im24rail.










im24rail is proposed as an operational tool, a professional support and independent advisor taking advantage of a multidisciplinary knowledge acquired through three decades and based on the integration into a network of qualified international partnerships .


Typical topics of the field of interest of im24rail and its partners are:


. development of transport concepts involving rail modality for customers


. research and market analysis for the evaluation of actual or potential traffic flows


. assistance in the establishment of consociated structures for consolidating traffic flows

. advisor to foreign Companies in matters related to Italian rail freight market

. advisor to Italian Companies in need for contacts with foreign rail networks and operators

. resarch and comments on transport politics and regulations

. technical assessment on rail infrastructure and terminals

. consultancy for freight rolling stock fleet and loading units requirements


and in addition:

conducting studies and research aimed at improving the performance of rail transport system, both in relation to operational mode within the system, and in respect to coordination practices with other transport modes and with the supply-chain of the various sectors.


the feasibility analysis of technical and economical plans for traffic with train option, including identification of possible service terminals, rail operators, vehicles, integration with other modes of transport, according to the type of freight, delivery times and routes required, national and internationally.


advice on the development of logistics strategies , efficient, creative, flexible and customer-oriented, in order to achieve a better economic results through the integration of train mode


the consultancy for communication and advertising on magazines, paper printed and on-line, concept of brand logos and corporate image, advertising, communication, model gadgets




Each assignment will be done fully ensuring client confidentiality during the formulation of studies and offers


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  your access to rail freight in Italy
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